Some years ago, Dennis wondered why marathons couldn't have the things runners want - like free on site parking, real bathrooms and showers, enthusiastic volunteers, etc. - and none of the things that irritate runners - like stale bagels, missing mile markers and nickel and dime charges for everything.  And thus the Race Committee created the Runners Marathon of Reston.  Dennis' adult running career began while he was serving in Africa and South America with the US Foreign Service and he took up running with the Marine Guards as a way to shake off some of the pounds that go with a diplomatic life.  The Marines' fitness test includes a three mile run and that is how far they ran - three miles.  On returning to the States Dennis was amazed to discover that people actually ran longer than that.  In between injuries and trips into the Amazonian rain forest Dennis has managed to do a couple dozen marathons and ultras.  He has been involved in Club management and course design for twenty years and he and fellow Director Bill D'Agostino directed the running events for the 2015 World Police and Fire Games.