Schedule of Events

September 30, 2019 Registration opens

January 1, 2020 Registration fees increase

March 13, 2020 Last day to register AND have your name (and your unique # of trees) on the bib

March 20, 2020 Transfer deadline

April 1, 2020 Online Registration Closes (we’ll let you know if there are spaces available for registration at packet pickup)

Friday, April 3rd 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm Early Packet Pickup - Potomac River Running Store at Reston Town Center

Saturday, April 4th 10:00 am - 1:00 pm Packet Pickup - Potomac River Running Store at Reston Town Center

5:00 pm – 7:30 pm Packet Pickup and Mini Expo - South Lakes High School

5:00 pm – 7:00 pm Pre-Race Dinner - South Lakes High School

Sunday, April 5th 6:00 am – 7:00 am Packet Pick-up - South Lakes High School

7:20 am Runner welcome and National Anthem - South Lakes High School

7:30 am Marathon, Half Marathon, Relay Start - South Lakes High School

9:00 am Results begin to be posted in high school as available

~10:00 am Half Marathon awards ceremony - South Lakes High School

~11:30 am Marathon and marathon relay awards ceremony - South Lakes High School

1:30 pm Race closes; course is fully open to traffic

2:00 pm School closes, food gone.


What should I wear?

Temperatures can vary widely in the early spring in the DC area. We suggest you bring gloves, a hat and long sleeve shirt, but be ready to run in a singlet. Early in the race, you might have to shed some clothes so don’t wear anything too nice in case you want to throw them away. If you want to shed some clothes prior to the race start, you will be able to check them in at the gear check station. Past temperatures on April 5 in Reston:

2019 - Hi 47 Lo 44

2018 - Hi 45 Lo 33

2017 - Hi 69 Lo 53

2016 - Hi 50 Lo 34

2015 - Hi 50 Lo 45

Tell me about the Gear Check Station

We will have numbered storage bags available for you to place all the stuff you don't want to run with.  You can also just give us your own bag.  The bag drop will be in the high school cafeteria (along with everything else) so everything will stay safe, warm and dry.

Relay Information

There are two relay races to choose from:

  • 4-person Marathon Relay (26.2 miles, divided 4 ways). Runners must average at least a 13:45 minute/mile pace.

  • 2-person Half Marathon Relay (13.1 miles, divided 2 ways). This relay choice is perfect for walkers - participants need only maintain a 26 minute/mile pace to complete the event in time.

Each runner on a team will have the same-numbered bib with the team name and runner name printed; this bib should be pinned on your back. Each team will receive one extra bib with a chip attached, and a race belt. The first runner will wear the extra bib (with the chip), attached to the belt, then transfer this belt and bib to the second runner in the exchange area, and so on. Don’t bend or smash the chip!

The relay exchange areas will be clearly marked. Race officials will be present to keep things running smoothly. There is no special gear drop at the relay exchange areas. Leave your gear at the high school or in the vehicle you drove to the exchange area. We do not have shuttles to and from the exchange areas.

There will be water, Gatorade, and light snacks near the Hunters Woods Pool exchange area for runners #1 and 3 and at the finish line for runners #2 and 4. There is also a porta potty at each exchange location.

Please be at your exchange point before the quickest runners from any of the races pass by, to allow for slow traffic, and to facilitate parking. Here are the exchange point locations, when to be there based on course record paces, and directions from the high school.

Leg 1: Start with the marathoners and half marathoners at South Lakes High School at 7:30 a.m.

Leg 2 (exchange #1) starts at Hunters Woods Pool (about a 2.6 miles drive from the high school). Be there by 8:10 a.m.; earlier if you need to warm up. We have moved the exchange area slightly to ensure that you get to run the short out and back stretch. To get there, go west on South Lakes Drive to Reston Parkway. Turn left (south) onto Reston Parkway and drive to the Reston South Commuter Lot (1.6 miles on your left). Turn left into the lot at the stoplight, and use the lot to reverse course heading north on Reston Parkway for 1/3 mile. Just past Colts Neck Road take a right into Hunters Woods Pool. Look for the large green pool sign. This exchange location is for both the marathon and half marathon relay teams. The second runner of the half marathon relay team will run to the finish line (not the second exchange point).

Leg 3 (exchange #2) starts on at the intersection of Ridge Heights Road and Soapstone, about 1/2 mile from the race start. Be there by 8:50 a.m.; earlier if you need to warm up or if you have two fast runners in Legs 1 and 2. To get there, walk (or jog) north on Seahawks Drive, then left on Ridge Heights Road about 1/2 mile. Please do not drive to this location, as you will be crossing runners’ paths.

Leg 4 (exchange #3) starts at Hunters Woods Pool. Be there in time to meet your Leg 3 runner. For distance and directions, see Leg 2 above.

Can I use my own Championchip chip?

No. Commonwealth Race Management will provide a timing tag device to you at packet pickup.

Are showers available on race day?


Where do I pick up my Race Packet? Can someone pick my packet up for me?

See Schedule of Events above.

You or a friend may pickup your packet, no ID or signed letters are required. However, we would like to see you before the race and we encourage all runners to pick up their own race packet. It is important for runners to verify their data and make any necessary changes.  If you discover an error and want to correct it three minutes before the race starts you will stress everyone out.

Will there be a Pre-Race Dinner?

Yes!! We will be hosting a runner and family/friends dinner Saturday, April 6th from 5:00 - 7:00pm at the South Lakes High School. It is FREE to all volunteers and registered participants. Your guests can join you for $10, $5 for children. Watch your email in box for your invitation. RSVP's preferred.

Can I bike to the Race Start?

Please do - If you bike to the start (runners and volunteers) you will receive a $15 gift certificate. We like to know if you're going to do this so we can make announcements about you. Remind us when you get there.

Does the race benefit a charity?

Yes! Proceeds from this event benefit the Reston Runners Community Fund, a nonprofit organization that provides scholarships to area high school students. We are also proud to provide free entries for participants and coaches in the Back on My Feet organization ( BOMF combats homelessness through the power of running, community support and essential employment and housing resources.

Do you have a mailing list I can subscribe to?

Yes. When you register as a volunteer or runner you will be added to our Mailing List to receive periodic announcements and race updates. Or email if you'd like more information.

Do you need volunteers?

Yes! We couldn't possibly put on an event like this without our volunteers, so please pass the word and invite your friends and family members to help out. You can sign up to volunteer on our Volunteer Page. Indoor and outdoor slots are available and all volunteers will receive long sleeved cotton tee shirts, free dinner, undying appreciation.


When does registration open and close?

Registration for the Runners Marathon and Half Marathon opens September 30th, 2019. Online registration will close at the end of business on April 1st, 2020, or earlier if the field is filled. We like it if you register early - it really helps when we order your shirts and other bling. The Race Director reserves the right to cap the size of the race field.

What are the entry fees?

September 30 - December 31, 2019; Marathon and Half Marathon is $85. The Marathon Relay is $220; Half Marathon Relay is $160.

January 1 - April 1, 2020: Marathon/Half = $95; Marathon Relay = $260; Half Marathon Relay = $180

At Packet Pickup (if space available): Marathon/Half = $100

Can I register on the day of the race?

Maybe, but the race may be filled and sometimes late registrants don't get things like medals and shirts. We always recommend a little more advance planning to get the best goodies - but we don't tend to decline registrations for runners who are flexible about the color and type of bling they receive.

If I sign up for the half and I later decide that I want to run the marathon, can I switch events? Is there an additional cost? How can I change my status prior to race day?

You can transfer between the events, provided the other event you want to run in is not full. In order to do so you must contact requesting the change. We don't charge for this switch, but sometimes we run out of bling and medals for late registrants and late transfers. It is best if you make this change before March 20th when we are printing the bibs, but if you discover you need to run the half instead of the full marathon after that, we can accommodate that.

If I sign up for the marathon, and then decide that I want to run the half in the middle of the run, can I switch events?

Yes! While we don't recommend mid-game decisions such as this (it's just a bit complicated for the timing crew), we will honor and record your 1/2 marathon finish if you  are a marathoner and decide it's just not your day and 13.1 miles is plenty. Or if you don't make the time cut-off at mile 13 and we direct you to the finish. All runners use the same course for the 1st 13 miles (marathoners have an extra out-and-back to do on their second lap). If you are registered for the full marathon when you start, but choose to run just one lap (half marathon), make sure to inform the finish line volunteers so they can a) give you the appropriate medal and b) inform the timing crew so you don't win some award for running a super fast marathon.

Can a Race Entry be transferred to someone else?

You may transfer your entry to another participant until March 20th. The transferee must register and sign all of our waivers. In order to do so you must contact us ( requesting the transfer.  Any unauthorized transfers will result in disqualification. Now here's where we want you to listen very carefully: DO NOT GIVE YOUR BIB TO SOMEONE ELSE. We allow for FREE TRANSFERS to another runner to avoid this, and then your friend can run the race officially under their own name. It causes race directors and other runners a LOT of heart ache when there are "bandits" because in small races, those bandits often win age group awards.

I was injured after registering for the race. Can I get a refund or defer until next year?

Sorry, no. We incur fixed costs for each runner based on registration numbers, and we spend the registration fees on shirts and other stuff long before you got injured. As a result, unfortunately, we are not able to allow any refunds after November 15th.  In the meantime – please volunteer! We certainly could use you, and your help will be appreciated. We have approximately 200 volunteer slots for you to choose from!

Another idea - if you can still run/walk about a 10K, but aren't up for the whole 13.1 miles, consider getting a friend to join you for the 1/2 marathon relay. We'll transfer your entry.

Will you mail or email a confirmation to me?

If you register online, you will receive a confirmation email immediately from Enmotive. We will be posting participant lists to the web site starting in January.

Is there a minimum age requirement?

You must be at least 17 years old to participate in the Marathon and 12 years old to participate in the Half Marathon or relay.

How come races cost so much?

The cost of any road race is based on the services provided, which are often independent of the distance covered or number of participants. Examples of "fixed costs" typically include permits, police, timing, potties, use of the school, signs, and advertising. We also spend money on variable costs (somewhat dependent on the number of registrants) such as race shirts, medals, and food. Lucky for us (and you), there are many individuals and businesses donating money to keep the race fees manageable. And every one of those working to organize and manage the race volunteer their time. Race management is a labor of love and not usually a highly profitable business.

Our race has been lucky enough to attract enough sponsorship each year to allow us to donate generously to the Reston Runners Community Fund to support youth running and fitness activities in our community.

Our Course

We updated our Marathon Course in 2018!! While this course is 95% the same as the “old” course, the out-and-back section occurs only during the second lap, enabling all runners to be together for the first 13 miles. The race committee considered advertising these changes as "New Downhill Section!" and "Flatter and Faster in 2018" but our committee values honesty above all.

Are the Courses Certified?

Yes. Both courses are certified, your time on the Marathon may be used as a Boston qualifier. 26.2 - VA13069RT, 13.1 - VA13009RT

What type of running surfaces are on the course?

The race is run on paved asphalt and local streets.

What is the time limit for the full Marathon and Half Marathon?

The course will remain open for 6 hours until 1:30 pm. That means marathoners need to average 13:44 min/mile to make the cut off, and half-marathoners can amble at 27 min/mile.

The course begins to close to runners at 10:30AM at the start of the second lap.   A sweeper and clean up truck will slowly follow the last runners at that point. All runners behind the sweeper will be directed to the finish line if they do not reach the 12.8 mile point (Ridge Heights & Seahawks) before 10:30.

Anyone who cannot maintain the pace requirements must move to the sidewalk as the course will reopen and allow regular traffic through. Runner services cannot be guaranteed for participants beyond stated pace requirements.

What type of drinks and food do you provide along the course?

There will be hydration stops approximately every 2 miles. We will offer water, Gatorade, cookies, and fruit. Some stations have gu or gel of some kind.

Can I wear headphones while racing on the course?

We highly discourage the use of MP3 players for your safety and for the safety your fellow runners. We have noticed that headphone-wearing runners are remarkably "tuned out" to the whereabouts of their fellow runners, cars, and to the volunteers attempting to get their attention as they go off-course. In fact, our unscientific sample of lost runners includes only those wearing headphones.

Are strollers or special vehicles permitted on the course?

The following items are not permitted on the course by race participants: skateboards, bicycles, roller blades, baby joggers, or any other types of vehicles (other than official Marathon vehicles). These regulations are for the participant’s safety, our insurance, and the safety of the other participants in the race.

Is the course closed?

Approximate 1/3 of the course uses the Reston Association paved pathways. These beautiful paths will not be closed to the local residents. We will do our best to keep you (and them) safe on the course, but you may encounter local dog walkers, bird watchers, or strollers from time to time. The rest of the course will be on paved roads, a portion of which will be coned off and restricted to runners only.

Is it possible to drive the Marathon course?

No. The course is not entirely drive-able as much of the course is on paved Reston trails – which make for a very nice post race bike ride.

Will there be mile markers along the route?

Yes. There will be signs marking every mile of both the marathon and half marathon courses.  

Where can spectators watch the race?

The start and finish areas, the high school, the first three of four intermediate viewing locations, and the Marathon Relay exchange points are all accessible to wheelchairs.

South Lakes Drive Near the Shopping Center — after miles 3 and 15.5. Cheer runners along South Lakes Drive between South Lakes Village Center and Sunrise Valley Drive. Park in the shopping center lot, and then walk left 100 yards or so on South Lakes Drive. The shopping center is on South Lakes Drive, about 0.8 miles east of the high school. Please do not congregate around the turn onto Twin Branches Drive (at the stoplight) since vehicles will use this area to enter and leave the shopping center.

Hunters Woods Pool — just before miles 7 and 20 (about 2.6 miles from the high school). To get there, go west on South Lakes Drive to Reston Parkway. Turn left (south) onto Reston Parkway and drive to the Reston South Commuter Lot (1.6 miles on your left). Turn left into the lot at the stoplight, and use the lot to reverse course heading north on Reston Parkway for 0.3 miles. Just past Colts Neck Road, take a right into Hunters Woods Pool. Look for the large green pool sign.

Corner of Glade Drive and Colts Neck Road — just after miles 8 and 20.5 for the full marathon and relay or about 7.4 miles for the half marathon (about 2 miles from the high school). To get there, go west on South Lakes Drive, then south on Colts Neck Road. Turn left into Hunters Woods Village Center (a shopping center) and park near the Safeway and the Exxon station. The Exxon station is on the corner of Glade Drive and Colts Neck Road.

South Lakes Drive Park — about 0.2 miles east of Colts Neck Road, just before miles 11.5 and 24. Go west on South Lakes Drive for about 1.2 miles and look for South Lakes Drive Park on your left. However, you cannot take a left from South Lakes Drive into the park so you will have to double back. Upon entering the park, use the first parking area on the right. Runners will pass on the trail next to this parking area before entering the tunnel under South Lakes Drive.

Is the course flat?

Next question.


Will there be a training program?

We have attached a suggested training plan geared toward beginning/novice marathoners and half marathoners, with suggestions for more advanced runners. We highly recommend joining the Reston Runners ( for their long runs (Sundays), or shorter runs (most other days of the week). Water, gatorade, and lovely company are provided. These club run courses intersect with the race course almost every week, so runners would have an opportunity to become familiar with the terrain. (see

What online resources do you recommend?

Long distance running can be rewarding, fun, and certainly is a great way to stay in shape and balance out a healthy life style. But it is hard work. Fortunately there are many resources to help you meet your goals. A good on-line place to start is the Road Runners Club of America, the oldest and largest national association of running clubs, running events, and runners dedicated to promoting running as a competitive sport and as healthy exercise – RRCA.ORG. Other good on-line places to look at are:,,

Driving, Directions, Parking and Travel

Where is the Runners Marathon of Reston?

Reston Virginia is 22 miles outside (west) of Washington DC, and 7 miles from Dulles International Airport. The race starts and finishes at South Lakes High School: 11400 South Lakes Drive Reston, VA 20191.

How do I get to the start?

The race will start and end at South Lakes High School: 11400 South Lakes Drive Reston, VA 20191

Is there plenty of parking?

Yes! So much space and all for FREE! There are two main parking lots at South Lakes High School - the faculty lot located on the Seahawk Drive side of the building and the student lot located on the stadium side of the building. Please use these lots. There is NO PARKING on South lakes Drive or nearby Twin Branches Road. There is even more parking at Terraset Elementary very close by.

How do I get to Packet Pickup, Race Expo, and Pre-Race Dinner?

All three events will be held at the South Lakes High School: 11400 South Lakes Drive Reston, VA 20191. If you go for early packet pick up (Friday PM, Saturday AM) you'll go to Potomac River Running at Reston Town Center.

Where can I stay in the Reston area?

Our Reston area hotels offer easy access to the event as well as to Reston Town Center where there are many dining and shopping options.

 The Sheraton Reston Hotel, is less than 3 miles from the start and has rooms available for participants at a special rate (2020 rate TBD). You can call the hotel at (703) 620-9000 and mention that you're with the Reston Runners Group or register on-line to book at the special rate - and thanks for coming to Reston, we are looking forward to meeting you. If you are staying at the Sheraton Reston, there will be a shuttle to South Lakes High School (start) - ask at the desk for timing. Return shuttle at 2pm.

Any good places to eat while I am in town?

Of course why do you think we run! The Reston area offers many great dining options, check out our Dining Guide for a list of some of our favorites. 

Awards and Results

The overall winners and the masters winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd - male and female) will be determined by GUN time.  All other categories, including age group awards, will be determined by CHIP time.

Awards will be given to 94 Marathon and 94 Half Marathon runners as follows:

  • Overall Male Open (3 deep)

  • Overall Female Open (3 deep)

  • Overall Male Masters (3 deep)

  • Overall Female Masters (3 deep)

  • First Male Reston Runner finisher

  • First Female Reston Runner finisher

  • First First-Time Male marathon finisher (it's your first marathon and you're faster than every other first-time male marathoner)

  • First First-Time Female marathon finisher (see above and substitute 'female')

  • First, second and third Relay Teams to finish

  • Plus, three deep in Five-Year (M&F) Age Groups, as follows: Under 19; 20-24; 25-29; 30-34; 35-39; 40-44; 45-49; 50-54; 55-59; 60-64; 65-69; 70-74; 75+

  • Overall winners are not eligible to double dip for age group awards.

  • Masters is considered anyone 40 years old or above on race day.

  • The race will be chip timed and scored by Commonwealth Race Management.

  • Everyone who crosses the finish line in the time allotted will receive a finisher’s medal.

  • Results will be available 8:00pm race day.